Introducing Dropbox and Dropbox Paper

Frustrated of forgetting your flash drive at home just realizing you forgot to transfer those files and you need it at work ?  Not happy of creating a zip file just to compress this large files you need to send ? You are in a project with your team and tired of sending emails back and forth ?  Are you thinking if there’s software that store’s all your files and access it on the go ? Well there is. 

Introducing Dropbox and Dropbox Paper, it is the place for all your stuff where you can access it on all of your devices, send large files easily without waiting too long and with Dropbox paper you can work on a project and gather all the files you need and put it in a virtual paper you can now manage your project easily without the hassle of organizing your files and sending emails  back and forth with your team. 

Check out this tutorial and you will learn more how to use Dropbox and use it on your next project.

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